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You Belong to Me Chapter 5

Disclaimer: We don’t own Twilight or its characters. Unfortunately, Stephenie Meyer beat us to it … sigh... We do feel like messing with Possessiveward’s head a little though. :)

Chapter songs:
Anytime - Brian McKnight
At This Moment - Billy Vera and the Beaters


“I need to see Bella, dad. Mom seems to think she’s gone. I think that’s
bullshit. I want to see her and I want to see her now.” The beeping continued to
increase as I began to struggle to get up. If they weren't going to get her for
me, I’d fucking find Bella myself.

My dad shoved me back into the bed.

“Stop it now, Edward!” dad yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Bella!” I screamed. “Bella, where are you?!!” Mom leaned over me with
tears in her eyes. “Mom, I need her. She belongs to me. I need Bella. I have to
see Bella.”

“Edward, you can’t see her. She’s not here.” The tears streamed down my mom’s
face. It was almost like she could feel the pain that I was feeling.

“Call Charlie, please mom. I need my fucking girl! Have him bring her.” I was
almost frantic at this point. She put her hand to my cheek.

“Edward, Charlie sent her back to Arizona. Back to her mom.”

The world around me seemed to stop as soon as I heard those words. The beeping around me intensified.

“No, mom. That can’t be right. She knows her place is with me, always with me.” I was gasping to get the words out of my mouth. Every fucking breath was a struggle. “Bella!” I tried to scream her name but I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I felt a tightness pulling at my chest. It felt like there were God damned boulders on top of me.

“Carlisle, you have to do something! What’s wrong? Edward! Edward, please, please you have to calm down for me.” I heard my mom but it seemed like she was very far away from me.

“He’s having a panic attack, Esme. I’ll get a sedative and it will calm him down.”

I was not a fucking pansy assed dick having a panic attack. This was something else. Even when the bullet hit my leg this morning it didn’t hurt like this. I didn’t know that this level of pain even existed.
I thought I heard the door and my dad’s voice, but they were so distant. My eyes couldn’t focus. All I could see was a gray hue before my eyes, but my body, this pain brought out sensations that were beyond words. I could feel every drop of blood as it moved throughout my body. The rocks kept pounding and pounding at my chest as my breaths grew more and more shallow.

“What the fuck is happening to me? Am I dying? This is what it feels like to die,” I thought to myself. The pressure on my chest was fucking brutal and I knew what it was. “The reason for my existence had just vanished from my life,” I thought as I felt a needle in my arm. Blackness soon enveloped me with its presence.


When I woke up again, I was blissfully alone. I didn’t know how much time had actually passed, if it were merely minutes, hours or even days. No matter how long I had been here I needed to talk to my fucking girl. I knew that my parents had to be full of shit. No damn way she would ever leave me. No. Fucking. Way.

I maneuvered my arm through the IV’s that were in the way, and fumbled for the phone. My body twisted in the wrong direction causing a horrendous pain to shoot through my injured leg. “Mother fucker! God damn it!” I almost shouted through gritted teeth. I noticed the morphine pump next to me and decided what the hell. I mean, it is the good shit, so it will make my damn body find numbness again. I sighed as I felt the warmth of the painkiller began to find purchase throughout all the cells in my body.

I didn’t have a clue what time it was, and I honestly didn’t give a shit. The morphine was already starting to work its wonderful magic on me. I dialed Bella’s cell phone number. After 5 rings, “Hi. This is Edward’s Bella. You know what to do after the beep.” The beep sounded almost ominous to my ear. “Bells, this is your Edward. Where the fuck are you? I need you with me, baby. Hurry to me please. I can’t do this without you.” I could hear my voice slurring. Before I could say anything else, BEEP. Before I could call her back again, I dropped the phone on the floor. Fuck. My. Life.

As the morphine took me deep into the darkness, I felt one tear slip from my eye and I uttered the only thing that had ever and would ever matter to me. “Bella.”


I threw my arm over my eyes, trying to block out the sun filtering in through the windows, but it didn’t work.

“Can we not shut the fucking blinds! Shit! There is an invalid in here trying to recuperate!”

I heard a chuckle. Em.

“Invalid, huh. Feel that bad, E?”

“Nah, not really, Em.” I tried, tried being the operative word, to run my hand through my hair but the damn IV’s where in my way yet again. “Fucking. Shit.” I mumbled in exasperation. “I can’t do a damn thing for myself at all.”

Emmett laughed again at the frustration I was facing at my current situation. “Invalid here, remember?” I pointed to myself. He chuckled again, but suddenly stopped and began straightening himself up, as the door opened and a nurse walked in. Nurse Hale. Oh, the fun times my palm (Emmett’s palm, and fuck, probably even my dad’s) and I shared with fantasies about her when I was younger.

Emmett and I got our first look at her when we were freshmen and she was a senior. Not only was she sex on legs, one of the most sexy, voluptuous, bodies I’ve ever had the pleasure to see in real life. She was a star in many of my adolescent dreams, but she was a fucking genius. Rosalie Hale graduated as valedictorian of Forks High School and was able to finish college in under three years to become a nurse.

She had all the right curves, in all the right places, nice large firm breasts that honestly I would have loved to fuck as much as her pussy. Rosalie’s ass, that was a work of art and it seemed to scream, “Look at me. Look at me.” Now, don’t get me wrong, no one truly holds a candle to my Bella, but that body is built for sin, that long blond hair and deep sea blue eyes, and her fuck hot brain, she was every school boy’s fantasy come to life.

“So, how are you feeling today Edward?” she asked me as she began to check my vitals. I had to pull myself away from re-living some of my most memorable wet dreams.

“Well, not so bad now with the view.” Emmett and Rosalie seemed to shoot me the stink eye at the exact same time. That was weird. I cleared my throat. “I’d feel a whole hell of a lot fucking better once my girl, Bella, gets here. She’ll do a superb job of nursing me back to health.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Emmett shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“Your vitals look good.” She examined the bandage on my leg. “How would you rank your pain on a scale of one to ten?”

“Um, a four while I’m sitting still. If I move any at all, it’s fucking infinity, ten doesn’t even come close.” Really, the pain wasn’t too bad at all. I’m the man. I can handle it, but damn, I love the way my body feels when I take the morphine.

“Since you are still experiencing so much pain, Dr. Cullen, I mean your dad, will probably keep you on the morphine machine at least through today to help you manage the pain. Just push the button when you think you can’t handle the pain. As you know, the machine limits the amount you have at one time.” She finished by shooting saline in my IV to clean out the line.

“Your dad will be in here later to check on you. He’s on his rounds right now.” As she headed out the door, I was almost certain I saw her wink, yes fucking wink that beautiful baby blue eye at Emmett.

“Dude, aren’t you a lucky son of a bitch. What the hell is Rosalie Hale doing winking at your sorry ass?” I smirked at him.

“E, how much of the morphine have you been taking?” He laughed at me. “There’s no reason at all that she even knows I exist, man.” Em, being my twin and all; well, he can’t hide shit from me without me knowing, and he is hiding something from me. I know he’ll tell me when he’s ready.

“Em, as much as I just love looking at your mug, where’s Bella? Did she go home to change or eat breakfast or something while I slept?” Emmett looked at me with pain in his eyes.

“Dude, don’t you remember? Mom and dad said they told you.”

“Told me what, Em? That she went back to Arizona. I remember them telling me that, but I have no doubt they were just blowing smoke trying to placate me until she could get here. I’m sure Charlie was up her ass about what had happened to me. She had to have been here while I was knocked out from the juice over there,” I jerked my head to the direction of the drip.

Emmett got up and walked next to me. “Edward, man,” he looked nervous. Emmett never looked nervous. He placed his hand on my arm. “I’m sorry, E. Shit. They didn’t lie to you. Bella is gone. The Chief put her on the red eye last night to Phoenix. I’m sorry.”

“Why are all you fuckers lying to me!” I screamed at Emmett at the top of my lungs. “She. Did. Not. Leave. ME!” I grabbed him by the shirt with both hands and started shaking him. “You are my fucking twin for Christ’s sake. You are a part of me. How could you lie to me like this! You of all people I expected better of!”

“Edward, calm the fuck down now, man! I told you the truth. She’s gone and she’s not coming back.”

“I can’t look at you right now, you lying sack of shit!” I saw the breakfast tray sitting on the table next to my bed and threw it across the room where it slammed into the wall. “Get the hell out and don’t come back until you can be fucking honest with me, bro!” I was seeing red from the rage burning throughout every fiber of my being.

Emmett was just standing in front of me with his eyes bugging out from his head. “Get the fuck out, liar. You are no brother of mine.” The finality of my voice brought Emmett to his senses and he opened the door to leave. He looked over his shoulder before he was out of the room.

“I’m sorry you are hurting, E, but don’t take this shit out on me. None of this is my fucking fault.” With that, he left and I was left seething on the inside. I jerked the phone off the table and dialed Bella’s number again. After 5 rings, I got to hear her voice, but it was the damn voicemail greeting again.

“Bella, baby, you need to call me or come up to the hospital and see me fucking now. Everyone keeps telling me that you are gone. I know you’re not! Call me. Love you, baby. I love you so much, baby.” BEEP. Fucking voicemail.

I dialed another number. “Forks Police Department. This is Chief Swan. how can I help you?”

“Chief, it’s Edward, Edward Cullen. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Bella and she hasn’t returned my calls. My family keeps giving me the run around.”

“Edward,” Charlie answered with anger. “What exactly has your family told you?”

“That she’s back in Arizona with her mom.”

“Then your family isn’t giving you the run around. She got to Arizona early this morning.”

“Can you give me a number that I can reach her at? Her cell isn’t working.”

“No, Edward, I won’t. You are not good enough for my daughter. You are nothing, nothing. Do you understand me? You’ve done nothing but hurt my family. That will never happen again.” The next thing I knew I was listening to a dial tone.

“No!” I roared as the phone met the same fate as my breakfast. If Bella was in Arizona, that’s where I was going. I pulled myself up out of bed ignoring the blistering pain in my leg. As I started ripping the tubes from my arms, dad came storming through the door.

“Edward, what the hell are you doing, son?” As he took in the state of my room and my IV’s, he shouted out the door, “Nurse Hale, I need help in here. Now!”

“Edward, you have to get back in bed. You are going to re-injure your knee!” He tried to force me into the bed and I fought him for all I was worth. “Edward, please calm down. I’m going to have to sedate you again.”

“No, dad, you can’t force me. I’m going to Arizona. I’ve got to be with Bella!”

“Son, you are not going to Arizona.”

“I’m 18 dad. You can’t stop me!”

“You need to stop and listen to me now!” Dad used both of his hands to force me to look him dead on in the face. “Bella doesn’t want you there. She told me to tell you that it’s over. She doesn’t want to see you again. Son, I hate to hurt you like this but she says doesn’t love you anymore.”

With those last words from my dad, I finally stopped struggling against him. It was like I suddenly had ice water thrown on me. I couldn’t have stopped the tears that began to pour out of my eyes, even if I’d wanted to, as I muttered, “She... Bella, doesn’t want me?”

“No, not anymore,” his voice sounded almost as weak as I felt.

“Why!?!?!?” I sobbed, as grabbed on tight to my father for support.

“She said you weren’t good enough for her. She shot you, Edward. That should tell you a lot about how she really feels about you. I’m so, so, very sorry she’s done this to you.” He stroked his hands through my hair and I gazed at him through the wall of tears clouding my vision.

“I am good enough for her. She’s everything to me, everything. I love her with everything I am. I don’t know who I am without her. I am good enough.”

“We need to get you back in bed so I can look at your leg and make sure you didn’t cause any additional damage. Let us help you up son.” I hadn’t even noticed fuck hot Rosalie and two orderlies had entered my room. I simply nodded at my dad who motioned for them to come over.

The orderlies helped me back into my bed. I grimaced when my dad began to check my leg. “Nurse Hale, I’m going to need to restitch part of this incision site. Can you please go get me all the supplies we will need? I will also need you to redo the IV lines and morphine pump line.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll be right back.” As she walked through the door, Alice and Jasper arrived. Were they holding hands? First, Rose and Em, now Jaz and Ally? These morphine hallucinations are bordering on being fucking absurd. Dad noticed the new arrivals at the same time I did.

“Alice, Jasper. We’ve got to work on Edward for a bit.”

“Oh my God, Edward are you OK? What happened?” I knew it wouldn’t take long before our Lil
Pixie was freaking out. Damn, we need to get her a man so she will stay the hell out of everyone else’s business. Before I could come up with an answer, dad chimed in.

“Alice, it’s not a concern. He just didn’t wait for someone to help him to the restroom. He’ll be fixed up in no time at all.” She eyed dad and me curiously, it’s almost like she’s got a sixth sense about things.

“But, dad...”

“Mary Alice Cullen, he is fine.” Jasper snickered from either hearing Alice’s whole name or dad’s exasperated tone with her.

“Ouch, darlin’!” I saw Jasper rubbing where Alice must have hit him. “Don’t hit so hard.”

“I won’t,” she looked at Jasper angelically, but for those of us who know and love Alice, we know to look at her eyes to see if her almost devilish glint is present. Oh, she is pissed. Jasper better watch his fucking back.

Rosalie made her way back with her arms filled with supplies to repair the damage my temper tantrum caused.

“Let’s get you fixed up son.” As dad readied preparations to fix my leg, he looked back towards the door. “I don’t think Edward is going to be up to visitors for a while. You can wait down the hall and check back later.”

“We definitely will, Carlisle. See you later, Edward.” Jasper placed his hand on Alice’s back to usher her out of my room. He stopped, looked over his shoulder at me and silently mouthed, “We will talk soon.” The silence of his words were more powerful than if he’d spoken them. Fucking awesome. I winced suddenly with the thought that I have thoroughly pissed off everyone who cares about me.

Dad misconstrued my mental anguish since he stopped what he was doing to ask me, “Do you need something for the pain son?” I shook my head no. I needed to feel the pain each time the needle and thread pierced my skin.

I don’t know how long I laid there while my leg was stitched back together. It could have been minutes or hours, before dad and Rosalie were done.

“Thank you for your help, Nurse Hale.”

“Certainly, Dr. Cullen. Do you need anything else before I go?”

“No, thanks again.” She nodded at dad and that fine ass of her’s swayed seductively as she strolled out the door.

Dad tossed his gloves in the hazardous waste container and sat down next to me.

“I know you are in a lot of pain.” He was waiting for an answer and I just didn’t know what he wanted me to say. “Okay son, you are so stubborn. We all love you. Let us know if you need anything at all.” He patted me on the arm and left.

As soon as I saw the door shut, I mumble to myself, “Not everyone that I love, loves me.”

I was almost nestled into a perfect position on my pillows and was about to take a hit of kick ass morphine, when my door opened again. Jasper. I knew immediately why he was here. Jaz has always been one cool, relaxed mother fucker. He can usually calm down absolutely anybody with his “mystical” gift of chillax. Right now, the only gift I want is the opiate that is eying me through its mechanical home.

“Hey man, how are you feeling?” He settled into the chair beside me, stretching his legs out in front of him. Fuuuccccckkkkk. He’s making himself right at home. I simply shrugged and closed my eyes willing my best friend to go away. “You’re not in the mood to talk huh? Seems you had plenty to say to Emmett when he was here earlier.”

My eyes popped open and instantly recoiled from his not too subtle accusation. I was getting ready to sit up when he bristled, “You don’t have to do that on my account. I’ve got a few things to say and I want you to listen and listen good. If you actually feel the urge to say something, you can talk when I’m finished. Got it?”

I merely shrugged my shoulders and braced myself.

“Imagine my surprise when Emmett calls me first thing this morning and he’s beyond upset. I thought something had happened to you in the night, that caused him to be inconsolable. That wasn’t it though, was it? You brought your brother to tears for the way that you treated him this morning. Do you have any idea how much you hurt him by everything that you said to him. Do you have a fucking clue?”

“Jaz, man…” I had finally found my voice only to have Mr. Chillax stop me.

“You shut the fuck up until I’m finished talking to you.” In all the years that I’d known Jasper, he’d never spoken to anyone that way. In my head, I knew that I deserved everything that he was getting ready to dish out to me. But with my already broken heart, I didn’t know if I could face much more from the people who allegedly “cared about me”.

“I’m going to be honest with you Edward, because I love you like you are my own flesh and blood. You fucked up! Bella fucked up! You and Bella together was beyond fucked up lately. All you were doing was making each other miserable and making those of us around you miserable as well. Do you have any idea what this has been like for those of us who were watching you self-destruct, when we could merely watch from the sidelines looking in? You said that you loved Bella and she said that she loved you, but I just don’t get it. People who love each other don’t do this shit to one another. It’s a constant battle of one upmanship of who can hurt the other to get even. We are all sick of it, bro, just sick. What were you thinking when you took that gun to Bella’s? You could have died! She could have died! As much as I hate to say this, her being gone is probably the best thing for both of you, so you can pull your heads out of your asses and straighten the fuck up already.” He finally paused long enough to take a breath.

“You have anything that you want to say, E?”

“Jaz, I know I fucked up and how bad I fucked up, but man, it’s like I can’t breathe without Bella here. Jesus-fucking-Christ, I never ever meant to hurt her. She’s it for me. Will always be it for me. I would get down on my knees. Kiss the ground that she walked on, if I could just hold her one more time and tell her, that I’m so so sorry for being such a selfish bastard. I just don’t know how I can face today or tomorrow or any part of my future without Bella. She’s all that I’ve ever imagined to have with me. She’s barely been gone and I miss her. I miss her so fucking much.” I sagged deeply into the bed and could feel moisture in my eyes and I honestly didn’t give a fuck. My life as I’d known it, was over. I’d fucked myself and Bella over and now. I gulped deeply and tried to swallow.

“E, I know it sucks. Can you blame her for leaving you though? For saying that she doesn’t love you anymore? This has been such a long time coming. I don’t know how everyone could see it, but you two. It was like you always had blinders on or something. We all know you are hurting, but you can’t treat people like shit when they are just trying to help you get better, not just physically, but emotionally as well. We are here for you, all of us, Ally, me, your parents, even Em still wants to help you through this. You can survive it.”

“Survive it. Really, Jaz? She’s my fucking sun. I can’t see clearly without her. This loneliness and heartache is like a fire inside me and I can’t even fathom a way to put it out.” I practically sobbed the last words out.

“E, I know we’ve all said some things that may have been hard on you, but we want you better. We will help you get better.” I wiped the tears off my face with the back of my arm.

“I’ve stayed here long enough. Your dad will kick my ass if he catches me in here with you, since you are supposed to be resting.” He got up and headed to the door. “Anytime, man, I mean it. Call me, text me, whatever.” He glanced at his watch. “Bye, bro, I’ve got to get Ally so we can get ready for our date to night. Talk to you tomorrow, if not before.” He headed out the door and before I realized what he had just told me.

Evidently, I am now hearing things as well as seeing weird shit from this pain medicine. No way Alice would ever go out with Jasper’s ass. I pushed the button of pleasure and almost immediately felt the world around me begin to disappear.

They didn’t understand. None of them would ever understand. Without Bella, I’m nothing. Nothing. Finally the nothingness embraced me with its darkness.


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You Belong to Me Chapter 4

Disclaimer: We don’t own Twilight or the characters, but we definitely enjoy creating new painful situations for them.


As I was ushering my daughter towards the exit, I realized that I had some "unfinished business" with one, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

“Sam, can you get Bella to the cruiser? I need to take care of something.”

“Sure, boss.” Sam wrapped his arm protectively around Bella’s shoulder, as he led her out of the hospital. She looked as destroyed as I felt by Carlisle’s revelation. I can’t believe that my little girl tried to kill herself, because of that boy. It was so hard for me to wrap my brain around that. It’s my job as a father to protect her and I knew just how to do that.

I headed down the hallway to the waiting area. I knew the Cullens wouldn’t be far away from their golden boy. I cleared my throat as I saw them. If looks could kill, Sam would have to arrest every member of the Cullen family for my murder.

Carlisle got up from where he was sitting with Esme and looked me dead on in the eye.

“We asked you to leave.” He jerked his head towards the exit.

“Carlisle, I want nothing more than to totally forget your family even exists, but you and I have something important to discuss in regards to our children. Can I speak to you privately in your office?”

“I don’t know what you think…”

“Carlisle, trust me. I know how we can fix this situation. I know how to make everything better for all parties involved.” He looked like he couldn’t get away from me fast enough, but he sighed heavily and looked back at his family.

“Honey, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He glanced at his watch, then back at Esme. “I’m sure Edward is situated in his room right now, if you want to go sit with him until he wakes up.”

Esme continued to give me dirty looks, but with the mention of her little angel, I quickly became her last concern.

“Oh, Carlisle, thank you! I can’t wait until he wakes up and I know he’s really ok. No thanks to…” Another glare from the Mrs. was sent my way.

Carlisle held up his hand and stopped her, before she could say something that would likely set off the silent war that was waging between our families. “Esme, please, go check on our boy. Emmett, Jasper, Alice, please wait here for a while. I don’t want Edward overwhelmed when he wakes up.”

“Sure, dad. Can I walk mom to the room though?” Emmett asked almost shyly.

“That’s fine, but come back here and wait with your sister and Jasper, after your mom gets to his room.”

Emmett got up and grabbed his mother’s hand, as they headed to Edward’s room. Carlisle and I then began our short walk to his office.

I followed him in, as he shut the door and went to stand behind his desk. He was trying to play the "oh so powerful Chief of Staff,” "I've been to college,” "I’m more powerful than you" card.

“Say what you have to say and say it now. I need to be with my family during this difficult time that was created by your family’s carelessness.” Not again. I had to reign in my temper before I could even think about responding to him.

“I think you and I both know that it was our children’s combined actions, that put us all in the situation they are in right now.” My tone showed Carlisle that I refused to take anymore of his accusations, that my Bella was the only one in the wrong. “It was your son who brought the gun to my house.”

“Go ahead, you said you could fix this. How do you suggest we ‘fix’ this situation?”

“You don’t want your son around my daughter, anymore that I want her around him. This relationship that they have, if we can even call it a ‘relationship,’ is beyond toxic. It needs to stop. It is very obvious to all of us at this point, that they both bring out the absolute worst in each other. We need to find a way to remove that negative influence from each of their lives.”

“I can’t believe I agree with something a Swan has to say, but I couldn’t agree with you more. What do you have in mind?”

“It’s simple really. You can ‘call’ me when Edward wakes up, to tell me that he never wants to see Bella again. Ever. She doesn’t have to know that he didn’t really say it.”

“Chief Swan, the way those two are, how can you be so sure she would believe that he said it at all?”

“Things changed for both of them today. I can tell you that if I was in their position, I would be questioning my life, second-guessing some things.”

“Well, that could keep Bella away from Edward, but how do we keep my son away from her?” I could see his eyes light up, with the knowledge of how we could permanently keep our children apart. “I tell Edward that Bella said she never wants to see him again.”

“Exactly. But, I can make things even better than that. I don’t want Bella in the same town with your son either; at least for a while. I’m going to send her to her mother in Arizona until I can get things set up for her to go to school on the reservation. That way once she does return, they won’t be forced in situations where they could be together and attempt to reconcile. They are kids, and it is time for us to be the parents and help guide them, so their lives are not jacked up with anymore of this teen angst. So, Dr. Cullen, do we have a deal?” I reached out my hand to him and he reached his out and shook mine.

“Absolutely. This couldn’t make me happier.” I could tell that this idea definitely made him as happy as it was making me.

“Good, good. And I don’t need to tell you that this little ‘conversation’ between you and I never happened. As far as you know, all I told you is that I’m sending Bella to Arizona. Got it?”

The pleased glint in his eyes showed me that he more than got it.

“Swan, I never thought I’d say this, but …. deal.” I nodded and headed out to the car, to face my daughter and prepare for the heartbreak that I knew I would cause her. But that heartbreak was needed, so I could protect her from the clutches of young Cullen. Her life literally depended on this.


The ten-minute drive from the hospital to the police station, to drop Sam and the evidence off, and then to our house, felt like it lasted six months.

Charlie’s phone rang as we were almost home. Since I was in the back of the cruiser, I couldn’t hear much of what he said, but I thought I heard him mention Edward’s name. My heart was in my throat with anticipation. How was he? Was he really going to be ok?

As we pulled up in front of the house, Charlie opened the back door of the cruiser so I could get out. He hadn’t spoken a single word to me since we’d left the hospital. He was always quiet, but this kind of eerily quiet had me worried to the depths of my soul.

I was trying to formulate in my mind what I had to, and needed to say to Charlie. I know he’s freaking the fuck out and this silent treatment is causing me to have chills all over my body; like someone walked across my grave or something.

I trudged behind Charlie into the house and began to go upstairs. I definitely needed more time before I faced dad’s wrath.

“Where do you think you are going young lady?”

“Dad, I’m exhausted. I need to get some rest.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew this was the most lame excuse ever.

“Living room, now.” Charlie’s voice was soft but the tone... well, if I was a dog, my tail would have been between my legs. I dragged myself to the couch and sat down.

I was fidgeting with my hands and my head was bent down. I know it was pathetic of me not to look Charlie in his eyes, but the disappointment and fear that I had seen in them earlier, in my fragile state of mind, I could not stomach seeing it again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw dad sit down in his recliner. He sighed heavily, “Bella, what the hell is going on with you, with your life?”

He didn’t give me a chance to answer when he continued, “I don’t have to ask you if Carlisle and Alice told the truth. Your face said it all. What would cause you to do that to yourself? Don’t you know what you would have done to all of us, if you had succeeded? I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Your mom, Renee, would have been just as destroyed. I love you so very much, Bella. Everything I do, I do for you.” I felt myself burrow deeply into the couch as the realization of what I had done, what I could have done, finally, truly, hit me. It hit me with such a force, that it temporarily took my breath away.

“Dad, I swear, I didn’t mean to try … that wasn't…” I started crying.

“Oh, hell, Bells.” Charlie shook his head and placed his hands at the back of his neck. I could tell he was beyond frustrated and as sad as I was at this point.

“It is crystal clear that this all boils down to Edward. He’s just not good for you, sweetheart. You deserve someone who makes you happy. Someone who worships the ground you walk on. Someone whose sole purpose is to make you smile that beautiful smile of yours and to put your needs above theirs, always. Someone who keeps you safe from harm not someone who hurts you. All that Edward has done lately is hurt you emotionally and physically. I can’t stand to see you like this anymore, Bells. I’m so afraid that he has destroyed a part of you that you will never get back.”

“He does make me happy. Dad, I love him. He’s my life. I just…I can’t see myself without him. He completes me, daddy.”

“Your life,” he harrumphed. “Do you think that he feels the same way about you after what happened today? You shot him in the leg. Even if you didn’t mean to do that, do you think that will matter to him at all? He’s in the hospital, because of you.”

I couldn’t believe that my dad just said that to me. I was beyond shocked that he would throw that back in my face. “Dad, he knows it was an accident. I would never hurt him on purpose, he was the one who…”

“Bella, the call that I got in the car was from Carlisle.”

“Is Edward…” I swallowed hard. I could tell by the look in Charlie’s eyes something really bad was coming.

“He’s going to be fine, Bells.” I was overwhelmed with relief as with Charlie’s assurance. “But, honey, things changed for him today.”

“What do you mean?” My heart began racing at a nearly uncontrollable rate. My mouth got dry and it became difficult for me to swallow.

“Bells, he’s awake. He had Carlisle call me with a message for you.” Charlie got up and sat beside me. He lifted up my chin and forced me to look him in the face. I starting praying for the strength that I knew I was going to need to be able to survive this.

“What, what did he say? When can I see him?” Charlie reached over and gently clasped both of my hands in his, as he looked at me with tears forming in his eyes.

“I can’t think of an easy way to say this. I’m so sorry, so very sorry, honey.” He stroked the tears away that I didn't even know were still falling from my eyes. “He said doesn’t ever want to see you again, Bella. He said that it’s over, done. He can’t forgive you for putting him in the hospital. He’s scared that you could have ended his football career from today’s accident.”

“Dad, no! Without him I’m nothing! He can’t leave me. He can’t…. I can’t….’ I couldn’t find my focus. My heart was being shredded into pieces. The pain erupting in my chest was excruciating. Never, ever, even the night that I saw Edward with Tanya, had I experienced the level of despair that was consuming my entire body permeating to the depths of my soul. “Dad, I can’t live without him. I don’t know how to live without him,” I whispered almost inaudibly.

“Bella, I love you so much. I know how what Edward has said, is hurting you. Things haven’t been right between you two for a while. Maybe it’s time to make a clean break. I know what would happen if you saw him and he totally ignored you, or even worse tore into you for what you did. I think that you need some separation from him, from places that you could run into him at least for a while. You’re moving back to Arizona with your mom. That’s far enough away that maybe all of us can find some peace and you can begin to heal. If after a few weeks you think you can handle being back in Forks, that’s fine. Maybe I can get you into the reservation school so you didn’t have to face the Cullens on a daily basis.”

I began to sob hysterically as Charlie enveloped me in his arms, as my brain told me that it was time for me to get over Edward. That Edward didn’t want me anymore. There was an empty space in my heart and nothing left to remind me of Edward. But the throbbing ache of my heart, that Edward had now damaged beyond repair.


I woke up a few hours later, curled in the fetal position on my bed. I had no memory of coming up to my room. Charlie must have carried me up here after crying myself to sleep in his arms. I noticed that my suitcase was sitting beside the bed and my heart lurched agonizingly. It was really happening. It was so hard for me to comprehend everything that had happened today.

I needed to talk to someone. I really wanted to talk to Edward, but I winced when I remembered his cruel words that he didn’t even have the guts to tell me himself. There was only one person who would listen to me, and be there for me to help me through all the pain and sorrow that I was experiencing. I needed my best friend. I needed Alice. I picked up my cell phone and tried to call her. Call rejected. Huh? What’s going on? I called again. Call rejected. What. The. Hell. Well, maybe the cell phone reception at the hospital is bad, so I decided to text her instead.

Ally, can you talk? ~~ B

What do you want to talk about? ~~Lil Pixie

How’s E doing? Is he really going to be ok? ~~ B

How’s he feeling? Do you really have the nerve to ask that question after what you did to him today? He’s inconsolable right now! ~~ Lil Pixie

Do you have any idea at all what you’ve done to my brother? I’m literally sick about it. How could you do that to someone that you profess to love? Huh? Tell me, because I don’t have a clue! ~~ Lil Pixie

I couldn’t believe my eyes. How could my best friend be talking to me like this, after the day that I’ve had today. I needed her, how could she not be here for me? It was her brother who decided he never wanted to see me again! He’s the one who broke my heart!

Why are you so angry with me Alice? None of this was my fault. ~~ B

Wasn't your fault…right! Obviously he shot himself in the leg while you watched helplessly. ~~ Lil Pixie

Before I could even type a text back to try to defend myself, her newest message broke my already shattered heart. I didn’t think that my heart could ache anymore than it was, until I read her spiteful words.

Please don’t text me anymore. I need a break from all of this chaos that you caused. Just, just don’t contact me, please. We will both be much better off if you don’t. ~~ Lil Pixie

I typed slowly through the tears. She was gone. Just like Edward. I hit the send button with a shaky hand.

I’m so sorry you feel that way, Ally. I love you. I’ll respect your wishes. You know where to find me, if you change your mind about things. You will always be my best friend. xoxo ~~ B

I swallowed the large lump in my throat and threw my cell phone across the room. It shattered into pieces, as it hit the wall with more force than I thought myself capable of using.

I forced myself out of bed, grabbed the suitcase and began the almost torturous task of packing. I didn’t know how long I was going to be gone. If Charlie mentioned it, I certainly didn’t remember. Suddenly I felt realization strike me. It didn’t feel like there was anything left in Forks for me anymore. In a day, not only had I lost my best friend, who was like a sister to me, but I've also lost the love of my life, my reason for being.

As I closed up the suitcase, uncontrollable sobs bubbled up from the deep fissures of pain radiating throughout my chest. I collapsed onto my bed and wrapped my arms tightly around my body, trying my best to stop myself from breaking into even more pieces. I was about to leave the only real home that I’d ever known. But this isn't a home anymore. There’s just an empty space in my chest, and pain to remind me of the memory of what we had shared together. I was leaving Edward. Just like he asked me to.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

You Belong to Me Chapter 3

Disclaimer: We don’t own these characters or Twilight, and that kind of sucks. ;)

Chapter songs: "Danger" Nikki & Rich

“Piece of my Heart” Janis Joplin


~~~Chapter 3~~~


My hands trembled as I hung up the phone. Blood. There was so much blood...


I threw open my bedroom door and ran briskly down the stairs.

“Emmett, Emmett! I need you now. Hurry! We have to get to Bella’s!”

I ran into Jasper as I hit the last step.

“Ally, slow down. What’s wrong?” He grabbed me gently by the arms.

“Alice, you’re screaming the fucking house down, what the hell is your deal?!”
Emmett said.

I was out of breath. I was shaking from head to toe. I knew my eyes had to be
the size of saucers. I took a deep breath.

“Bella. Bella called me.” I forced out. My eyes darting to Jasper and Emmett.

“She said, she said…” I shook my head.

“Alice, calm the fuck down,” Emmett growled at me like a bear. “What’s wrong?” I
could see it register in his eyes that something was very, very wrong.

I needed to pull myself together. Jasper looked at me with such concern in his

“Alice, honey, calm down” Jasper said gently. “What happened?”

“Bella, well, she didn’t say much. She said that Edward was at her place with a
gun! She said there was a lot of blood!” I lost it, as I had to repeat the
words she said to me.

Emmett and Jasper looked at each other. Jasper grabbed me and dragged me with
them to the car.



I have never driven as fast as I was now. A gun! Jesus, what happened?!?! Lately,
I had seen more and more bruises on Bella, but I thought it was just her
inability to walk while chewing gum at the same time. Could Edward have been
hurting her- on purpose? The way his temper has flown off the handle lately,
hell, he has the worst temper of anyone I’ve ever seen. Was she even still
alive? The entire drive to Bella’s I couldn’t focus my thoughts. Al and Jaz were
in the backseat, and Jasper was trying his best to stop her from
hyperventilating. As I pulled onto Bella’s street, I saw the flashing lights, an ambulance.

I never thought that my dad taking us to a gun range and hunting, would result
in Edward using a gun on someone. Especially Bella.

What was he thinking?


What I like best about being the police chief in a small town like Forks is
that we are a close-knit town that has an almost non-existent crime rate. The
most “dangerous” criminals we have are the teenagers, and their occasional
vandalism and the out-of-towners who think they can drive whatever speed they
want to, through my town. Today is just a normal day, and I’m sitting at my desk
playing cards with my deputy, Sam.

“That’s five hands in a row that you’ve beat me now, Sam. Did you mark this deck
or something?” I grinned at him.

“Chief, you are just so easy to read. It’s clear to see where Bella gets it
from.” The phone rang giving me time to glance at the cards in my hand one more

“Sam, make yourself useful and answer that call while I make us some coffee.”

“I’ll get right on that, Chief,” he laughed and answered the phone. “Forks
Police Department. This is Sam. How may I help you?”

He grabbed and looked at my hand of cards I had just placed on the desk. I
cleared my throat and rolled my eyes at him as I started brewing the coffee.

“Slow down, I can’t understand you. A shooting?”

I quickly went to Sam as he tried to gather information from the caller.

“What’s the address?” he asked. His expression changed and his face paled. “Can
you please repeat the number? 184?”

Sam looked me in the eyes and I knew immediately. Bella.

I tried to snatch the phone from Sam and he jerked away from me.

“You've already called the paramedics? Good. Stay calm. We’re on our way.” He
hung up the phone.

“Bella?” I asked him worriedly, as we almost sprinted out the office door to the

“I don’t know, Chief. It wasn't her on the phone. Paramedics are on the way and
will probably beat us there.”

I tried to get in the driver’s side door and Sam stopped me.

“Chief, I think you should let me drive.”

I tossed the keys to him as we got in the car.

“Sam, drive as fast as you can,” I ordered him.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, Chief.”


My eyes bugged out of my head as Edward pulled the gun from the waistband of his
jeans. He cocked the gun and showed it to me. Did he really think I would be
scared of a gun? Charlie taught me how to shoot before I even got into grade
school. I could handle a gun as well as my dad any day of the week.

I took the gun from Edward and felt its weight in the palm of my hand. A .45
auto, nice gun, I thought. Must be one out of Carlisle’s collection. He’s the
only man I know with better tastes in guns than my dad could ever have. He even
has a 1894 Winchester 30-30 that he sometimes uses when he and the boys go
hunting for bears and mountain lions.

Edward grinned that crooked smile that I adored, with a look that dared me to
kill him, like I just told him I wanted to. “I’ll show him,” I thought to

“You ready?” I asked him as I eyed him. “1…2…3…”

I took perfect aim and pulled the trigger aiming at the tree to the right of
Edward. I knew that I would hit my mark, and I did. The bark of the tree flew off
from the impact of the bullet as it collided with trunk. The sound of the shot
wiped that crooked grin off his face and startled him, causing him to jump as I
pulled the trigger a second time. Instead of hitting the tree that had just been
in my site, the second shot hit Edward and he collapsed to the ground.

“What the fuck, Bella! You shot me.”

I dropped the gun from my now trembling hands and ran to Edward’s side.

“Holy shit Edward! You know I wasn't trying to hit you!” I screamed at him, as I
began to put pressure on the wound.

“You bitch!” he screamed through gritted teeth.

“Edward, I was aiming for the tree you fuck head!”

Just then, my neighbor ran outside, as I started yelling, "SOMEONE CALL 911!!"

"E, baby. I'm so, so sorry! I never meant to shoot you! I love you!"

I'm holding down on Edward's wound, applying pressure, and he starts screaming,
"Don't fucking touch me! You did this to me! You really want me dead?" The last
part he uttered, almost a whisper.

"No baby, no! I love you! I missed you while you were away. Didn’t I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can? Please don't ever leave me again."

I could hear sirens off into the distance.

"Please don't try and talk, E. The ambulance is almost here."

I hear a screeching sound, and footsteps running towards us.

"He's been hit. I accidentally shot him."

As the paramedic told me to move, and I hear a gasp. "ISABELLA MARIE SWAN! WHAT

Charlie. He was pissed!


That bitch shot me! I really didn't think she was going to, that she had it in
her to actually pull the trigger, but she did it. She. Shot. ME.

I'm almost surprised Bella didn't pass out from all the blood. She is a wimp and
shit when it comes to blood. Usually a small cut and she gets physically ill.

Bella wanted to ride with me in the back of the ambulance, but they had
questions to ask her.

Emmett came with me instead. I was still pissed off at Alice. She hits hard, for
being so fucking tiny!

I asked the EMT for drugs, and the good shit too, because the pain was
unbearable. I wasn't crying like a pussy or anything, but it fucking hurt!

As I was pulled from the ambulance and wheeled to the ER, I knew the “family
reunion” would happen much sooner rather than later. My dad was already there,
as he was on duty in the ER, and my mom was there too. She had lunch with my dad
everyday at 2pm.

"Oh my God, Edward. What happened? Are you okay sweetie? Do something Carlisle!"
My mother was panicking, as I was being wheeled passed her on the gurney.

"Calm down Esme. Let me see what happened. Go sit in my office, and I'll update
you as soon as I know more."

Alice went to go wait with my mom, Em and Jaz, as my dad worked to stabilize the bleeding
from my leg.


"What the hell were you thinking, Bells?" My dad asked me.

What was I thinking? I knew better than aiming guns at people.

I just wanted to scare Edward, not shoot him. He was gone for so long. He had
left me without one single word. I wanted teach him a lesson. He HAD to stop taking me and how I feel for him for granted.

"Dad, it was an accident."

"Okay, start from the beginning and tell us what happened," Sam asked.

I proceeded to tell Sam everything from the argument with Edward, all the way up to
me aiming and shooting the tree.

"Well then, let's ride down to the hospital and see how Edward is doing,"
Charlie said.

As I walked toward the cruiser, my dad said, "Oh no. Where do you think you're
going? You stay here."

"No way! I want to be with Edward. You can't stop me!" I shouted.

"Like hell I can't. You are grounded, and I don't want you around Edward
anymore. Do you hear me?"

"Dad...Please. Let me make sure that Edward is okay, and then you can ground me.

Charlie sighed and waved his hand for me to get into the cruiser. As I was
ushered into the backseat, I began to actually feel like a criminal, like I had
done something wrong.


"We have a GSW to the leg. What are his vitals?"

"BP's 150 over 80," said the EMT.

"Get an x-ray and call OR 1 and have it prepped. Have Nurse Hale and Nurse
Webber ready on my team. I'm going up to scrub in and it better be ready."

I was trying to mentally detach myself as I saw my son, lying in front of me
bleeding. But I was pissed! Who in the hell did this and why? While I was
waiting for the x-ray to be developed, I needed to examine his wound to see how
serious it really was. I also wanted to try to get some answers from my son.

“Nurse Webber, please get some shears and cut his pants away so I can examine
the wound more closely.”

As she cut his pants, I saw the wound was right above his knee. It was still bleeding more severely than I hoped it would be. Edward was visibly in a great deal of pain.

“Edward, how are you feeling son?”

“Like I’ve been shot in the fucking leg, dad.” he moaned.

“I know it hurts Edward. I’m going to get you fixed up soon. Do you remember
what happened to you?” Edward grimaced in pain as I began physically examining his leg.

“Tell me, Edward. What happened?” Of all of my children, Edward could even
try the patience of a saint.



“It was…It was…Bella,” he whispered so softly that I was almost certain that I
did not hear what I thought I heard.

“What?” I almost whispered back to him. “What did you just say?”

Before I can get more details from Edward, Nurse Hale returned with the x-ray. I
felt some relief when it didn’t look like the bullet hit near the femoral

“I’ll meet you in the OR with the rest of the team,” I told Nurse Hale and Nurse Webber as they began to prep Edward for surgery.

When I entered my office, Esme jumped up from the couch where she was sitting, with her arms wrapped around Alice and ran towards me. Emmett followed Esme, while Jasper sat next to Alice on the couch.

"Carlisle, how is my boy?"

“Yeah dad, how’s E?” Emmett asked.

"The x-ray looks like the bullet missed the artery in his leg. We won't know what other type of damage he may have to his nerves, muscles and tendons until
we actually get in there. From the looks of things, I really think he should be alright."

As I hugged Esme, I felt her sigh with relief.

"They are moving him to the OR for me now, so I have to go."

"Carlisle, you better bring him back to me, in better condition then when he
came in."

"We're wasting time. I have to go."

As I entered the OR, Nurse Hale was waiting for me. It was her first year
as a nurse. Rosalie Hale skipped a few grades in high school and finished nursing school 3 weeks ago. It was odd seeing such a young girl in my ER. But she was befuddling smart. I knew I could count on her.

"Dr. Cullen, the patient is stable. We are ready when you are," said Nurse

I got to work using the scalpel to remove the tissue that was damaged beyond
repair. The next thing I knew, I saw a change in my son’s leg that sped my heart
and the speed that I was operating on him.

As I looked down, I saw a dark blue color, and immediately knew there was a
problem that I hadn’t expected.

"There is a blood clot. I'm going to have to remove it. Everyone get ready to
act fast in case we get a bleeder."

"Yes, Doctor." said Nurse Hale.

I threw myself into my work like I never had before. The tissue surround the
clot was filling rapidly with blood and began to disrupt my view. "More suction,” I ordered.

Nurse Hale cleared the area and I began the intricate work to remove the clot.

"His pressure is dropping," Nurse Webber said.

“Just another minute and I will have the clot out.” I had no doubt that
I had to perform my best surgery ever. This is my son. Not only did his life
depend on the outcome of this surgery, but mine as well.

"Doctor, he's still hemorrhaging," Nurse Rosalie said.

"I'm close to the bullet. I see it. Right where I hoped it would be." I worked
to remove it and cauterize the wound to stop the bleeding.

“His stats are stabilizing, Dr. Cullen,” Nurse Hale said.

What felt like an eternity later I finally pulled out the slug, I threw it in
the tray and said, "Okay, let's finish this up and get the wound dressed. Great
job everyone."

As I left the operating room, I had one thing on my mind. I wanted to find
Edward’s girlfriend and find out why the hell she put a bullet in my son’s leg.


I felt nauseous as Sam pulled up to the hospital in the cruiser. Dad got out and
opened my door. He grabbed me by the arm as I got out and I winced.

“What the hell is wrong with you Bella?” He looked me in the eyes and he could
see that it wasn’t just mental pain that I was feeling right now. “Are you hurt,

I shook my head. “No, dad. I’m perfectly fine. It’s nothing.” As I tried to pull
my arm away from Charlie, as he pulled my shirt sleeve up and gasped. I looked down and
saw a bruise on my arm. It was very clear to Charlie what caused it, since the
bruise was the shape of a handprint, Edward’s handprint.

“I can’t believe that son of a bitch did this to you, Bella!” he said through
gritted teeth.


“Don’t you ‘Dad’ me right now! Are you hurt anywhere else?”

“I’m fine. I need to see how Edward is. It’s my fault that he’s here.”

“From the looks of things, he got exactly what he deserved,” Charlie grumbled.

“Char—Dad, how could you say that?” I said softly. “Please, I have to make sure
he’s going to be ok. I love him.”

The admissions clerk told dad that Edward was in surgery, so we went to the waiting room to wait for Carlisle. The room was empty, I wondered where his family was.

“It shouldn’t be long now, Charlie,” Sam said. “I just checked with the OR receptionist. Carlisle is closing up.”

“Did she say..”

“Bella, she didn’t tell me anything other than the surgery was almost over.”

I slouched down into the nearest chair and dropped my head in my hands. I can’t believe this is my life!
Charlie sat next to me and clasped my hands in his.

“Honey, just breathe…”

“You,” said a voice overflowing with such contempt that I cringed back deeper into the seat. I looked up into Carlisle’s eyes that were burning with anger.

“Carlisle, watch how you talk to my girl,” Charlie said as he stood and was now toe to toe with Carlisle.

“Bella, you shot my son! Why?!?! Why would you do such a thing?!” he screamed at me.

“Carlisle, I didn’t mean to, it was an accident,” I told him weakly.

Carlisle tried to step closer to me and Charlie stopped him.

“Carlisle, it WAS an accident,” Charlie said.

“Accident my ass!” Carlisle shouted again. I saw Esme, Emmett, Alice and Jasper coming down the hall to see what was causing the commotion. “Charlie, your girl knows how to shoot a gun, there is no way that she didn’t mean to do this.”

“I love Edward. I would never…I would never hurt anyone I love on purpose,” I whispered.

“That’s right Carlisle! She wouldn’t hurt a fly let alone your god damned hot tempered son!” Charlie defended me. Then he shocked me by pulling up the sleeve of my shirt where I was bruised. “Look at that! Do you think she put that bruise on herself!”

I heard Alice gasp, as she saw the bruise forming on my forearm. I gripped the sleeve, pulled it down and covered the bruise.

“The gun that I have as evidence right now, Carlisle, it is out of your collection!”

Carlisle appeared totally shocked by my bruises and the fact that it was his gun that had shot Edward. Suddenly, his eyes glassed over.

“Shooting Edward isn't the first time that your child has hurt someone,” Carlisle said in a near triumphant voice.

My heart began pounding heavily in my chest. I felt the walls about to close in. He promised.

“Carlisle, please...don’t,” I begged.

“Don’t what Bella! You don’t want me to tell your dad that you tried to kill yourself!”

Charlie looked as if someone had slapped him in the face. I heard Edward’s family and their collective shock resonate in the hallway.

“Bells…” Charlie questioned me.

“Dad, it wasn’t like that. I didn't.” Oh God, I didn’t know what to say. My world was collapsing all around me.

“You didn’t!” My best friend chose now to find her voice. “What would you call it, when I come in your room and you have a razor blade to your wrist? I don’t think you were trying to shave. If my dad and I hadn’t gotten to your house when we did, you would be dead and my brother wouldn’t be hurt by someone who allegedly loves him!!”

“Bella,” Esme looked at me. “It was you? You shot my son?”

“No, Esme, I didn’t do it on purpose, he…”

“Stop right there,” she said angrily. “I want you out of here and I want you gone now!”

Charlie grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me. “You don’t have to worry about a thing. I don’t want my daughter anywhere near your son, just like you don’t want my daughter near him. Once an abuser, always an abuser; and I’ll be damned if I allow him to put his hands on my daughter in anger ever again.”

As we prepared to leave the hospital, I knew my life would never be the same again.



What the hell was up with all the beeping and clattering, I thought as I
awakened through what could have only been a drug induced haze. Then it hit me,
I’m in the hospital. Bella. She fucking shot me in the leg. Could I really blame
her though? I was the one who gave her the God damned gun.

I needed to see Bella and I needed to talk to her now. I struggled with the
narcotics in my system and opened my eyes. Next to my bed was not the person
that I needed, it was my mom.

“Edward, honey, how do you feel?”

“Mom,” I croaked. Damn my mouth was parched. I had to fight to get the words out. “I’m fine, mom.”

“Oh, Edward, you had us all so worried.”

“Mom, Bella. I need to see Bella.”

“Honey, she’s gone.”

“What do you mean she’s gone?” Had something happened to her? I heard the
beeping of the monitor beside my bed accelerate, as all my worst fears were
running through my head.

“Edward, calm down son,” my dad said as he entered my room. “Are you in pain?”

“No, dad, I don’t feel much of anything.”

“Then what’s wrong,” he demanded.

“I need to see Bella, dad. Mom seems to think she’s gone. I think that’s
bullshit. I want to see her and I want to see her now.” The beeping continued to
increase as I began to struggle to get up. If they weren't going to get her for
me, I’d fucking find Bella myself.

My dad shoved me back into the bed.

“Stop it now, Edward!” dad yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Bella!” I screamed. “Bella, where are you?!!” Mom leaned over me with
tears in her eyes. “Mom, I need her. She belongs to me. I need Bella. I have to
see Bella.”

“Edward, you can’t see her. She’s not here.” The tears streamed down my mom’s
face. It was almost like she could feel the pain that I was feeling.

“Call Charlie, please mom. I need my fucking girl! Have him bring her.” I was
almost frantic at this point. She put her hand to my cheek.

“Edward, Charlie sent her back to Arizona. Back to her mom.”