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You Belong to Me Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Disclaimer: Still don’t own anything *sighs* other than a reformed doucheward.

Chapter Songs:
“Secrets” One Republic
“Sex on Fire” Kings of Leon
“On Call” Kings of Leon


It had been six weeks since Edward and I embarked on this journey to be friends with one another and it had been so much more than I had ever expected. No matter where we went and what we did, he was always a total gentleman. He pulled out my seat for me when we went out to eat. He always opened doors for me. This Edward was the Edward that I had wished I’d known from the start.

We hung out all over campus between classes. He went with me to all of the football games, even though we only got to spend a few minutes together since I was always taking photos. Edward told me that there was no place he’d rather be than where I was. I think my heart overflowed with those words.

He had stuck to our bargain and followed every rule that I had given him, even though I had these feelings. Feelings that I wasn’t sure I was ready to face again. I wondered if he still did, too. His letter told me that he still loved me and he’d always loved me, although he never made any type of move on me at all. Maybe friendship was all that would be possible between us now.

I thought he was going to make a move at dinner last night, when he moved the hair at the back of my neck as he helped me be seated at the table. My heart and breathing stopped as I waited for his lips to touch the nape of my neck. Instead of lips, I felt his fingers. Then he sat down in front of me.

“Sorry about that,” Edward told me. “Your tag was sticking out of your shirt.” He smiled his crooked smile and I had to fight the urge to throw myself across the table and jump him. Jesus, I needed to get laid, but not here on the patio of a restaurant for Christ’s sake.

“That’s fine, Edward. Thanks.” My body was humming with anticipation of his next touch, but it didn’t happen. He was as always the perfect gentlemen.

He wasn’t always serious. Every time that we went to Griffin Park to watch the adult dodgeball games, we became “announcers.” It was like we were Gary Cole and Jason Bateman from the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. I swear that our comments made Cole’s and Bateman’s seem tame in comparison. Of course, we didn’t sit around others who could hear what we were saying about the “players” or we would have likely gotten our asses kicked.

Usually our comments had us in tears from laughing so hard at the grown-ups acting like elementary school children, and their beer bellies bouncing around like all the boobs in a typical episode of Baywatch. Just like the movie, Dodgeball, we found a man that reminded us so much of David Hasselholff that we wondered if he had a twin who lived in Oklahoma. I always had my camera with me and I had some very interesting action shots from the games. It's too bad that I didn’t have permission to publish them.

One of my favorite moments with Edward was when he took me to his secret spot in the park. We trekked a little off the beaten path. After walking what felt like forever, we broke through the trees and entered what looked like Eden.

“Edward, this is absolutely beautiful.” I looked around struck with total awe of the beauty before me. It was a beautiful meadow filled with every wild flower that Oklahoma had to offer, like the clusters of Blue Sage intermingled with Indian Blankets. Giant Sunflowers stood like guardians at the edge of the meadow overlooking the majesty before us. “How did you find this place?”

He blushed. Edward, Mr. Tough as Nails, was embarrassed. I touched him gently on the arm.

“I’d really like to know.”

“The day that I saw you for the first time, I took a break and headed out here to clear my head. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going. The next thing I knew, I was here. I was alone in this beautiful, peaceful place. Now whenever I just want to relax I come here and”

“It’s amazing here. Thank you so much for sharing your secret garden with me.” We grinned at each other and laid down in the one patch of earth that wasn’t covered with gorgeous flowers and we just...were.

Every time that we were together, things were so simple between us. Slowly, I could feel the lingering anger that I felt for Edward began to dissipate and it moved to the back of my mind. When I thought of him or saw him lately, the first thought wasn’t about the things he did to me in the past. I was truly grateful to have someone who was there to listen to me if I needed to vent about deadlines or even to distract me in the middle of the night when my roommates were getting busy down the hall.

Emily and Jacob were no longer my only best friends. I considered Edward one of my best friends. Every time that I saw Emily and Jake together, I hoped that maybe, just maybe, Edward and I could get to where they were too. I knew it would happen tomorrow, but some day.

I was sitting in the living room working on some photo illustrations on my laptop, when Jacob strolled in the front door.

“Hey, Bells. What’s up?”

“Same stuff, different day, Jake. What about you? Are you ready for your big date tonight?” Jake rolled his eyes at me. Tonight was the night that Emily had been waiting for for weeks. Jacob, well, he was just doing something special for his girl. For their first week anniversary, Jake bought Emily tickets to see Katy Perry at the BOK Center in Tulsa. She was so excited, I was pretty sure that Katy Perry, wherever she was, heard.

He plopped down on the couch beside me. “I have no words for tonight, Bella.” We both laughed. Then he got a look that I knew very well on his face.

“Spit it out, Jake. What do you want?”

“I hate to ask, but could I please, pretty please with sugar on top, borrow your car for tonight?”

“You, Mr. Mechanic, who has enough money to buy any car that he wants yet owns a Rabbit that is always in need of repairs, because you are the man, wants to borrow my quarter of a million dollar car?”

“You’re a bitch. Forget that I even asked.”

He got up and stormed towards his room. “Jacob, get your ass back here! I wasn’t finished talking to you yet!”

He put his head down and walked back like a little kid who had just gotten scolded by his mom.

“Why do you want to borrow my car?”

“The damn Rabbit started cutting out on my way back from school today, and I don’t have time to look at it and fix it before we have to leave for the concert. You know how much this damn show means to Emily. I don’t want to break her heart and tell her that we can’t go because we don’t have a way to get there.”

I soothingly placed my hand on his arm. “Jake, you put a scratch on my car while it is in your possession tonight and I am going to have Reneé kick your ass.” He threw his arms around me and hugged me tightly.

“Oh, Bella, thanks so much. This is fucking awesome. I swear to God that your car will be returned to you in one piece or I will kick my own ass for you, even though your mom is really scary. What do you have planned for the night? Are you hanging out with your mystery man again?”

“I do have a hot date planned.” I smirked at him.

“What the hell, Bells? We haven’t haven’t even met this guy yet.”

“Well, I haven’t met him either. But I know he is so hot that our television could catch fire while he is on screen tonight.”

“Please don’t tell me that you are going to be drooling over some teeny bopper actor playing a damn vampire or something.”

“No, Jake. I don’t think he’s a vampire? Even though that one guy, damn his jawline is something fierce. I wouldn’t mind touching me some jaw porn.”

“Fuck, Bella. Really, he’s a cold blooded dick. You should go for the guy who plays the wolf. You know that wolves are a better bet than vampires. The wolves are so much hotter.”

“I can see that Emily has had you watching some of her favorite movies again, huh? Or have you been watching the CW on Thursday nights? That Ian guy is some nice eye candy too.” Jake grabbed the throw pillow on the couch and smacked me in the head with it.

“Oh, so Bella is now a comedian. I didn’t know that you had changed your major to stand-up comedy.”

“Nope. I just changed my major to fuck with Jake about girly things he does whenever possible. I will be watching the very attractive Followill brothers otherwise known as the Kings of Leon and their documentary on Showtime tonight. They’ve promised some nudity. I am so ready.”

“What? Do you have your beloved Rabbit all fired up and ready to go?”

“Well, at least my Rabbit is always reliable and never leaves me hanging.”

“TMI! TMI!” Jake shouted at me, as he covered his ears.

“You may have started it, Jake, but you know that I’m the one who always finishes it!”

“True, Bella, you are the great master.”

“And don’t you ever forget it.” Jake’s cell chirped. I could tell by the look on his face that it was Em.

“I need to start getting ready for tonight. She is almost home. Thanks again for loaning me the car. You are helping me make one of Em’s dreams come true tonight.” I was confused by his words and it must have shown on my face. “I’ll show you. Hold on a minute.” Jake went to his room and came back with an envelope. “I am waiting to tell her about this when we get to Tulsa, but I was able to get meet and greet tickets for tonight. She is going to get to meet Katy before the concert and have her picture taken with her.”

“Oh young Skywalker, I have taught you well.” Jake snickered at my horrible Star Wars impersonation.

“Better stick to comedy, Bella, because that sucked balls.” It was my turn to smack him with the throw pillow as he ran to his room to get ready.

After Jake and Emily left the house an hour later, I sat staring at the cell phone in my hand. “Just do it already, Bella.” I ordered myself. “Stop being a chicken.”

I hit the send button and in two rings his smooth voice answered my call.

“Hi, Bella. It’s good to hear from you. How are you tonight?” Edward asked me. He was always so polite now. That had really taken some getting used to at first. Now every time that he did something gentlemanly, I felt as though I wet my pants because that behavior turned me on more than his crooked smile did.

“I’m doing great. My roommates just left to go to that concert tonight.”

“Oh, that’s right. So they have left you to fend for yourself, huh?”

“Well, I actually have plans.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know. I hope you have a good time tonight.” His tone sounded a little disappointed. Did he want to spend time with me as much as I did with him?

“That depends, Edward. How would you feel about coming over to my house tonight to watch a documentary on the Kings of Leon with me.” There was a longer than normal pause on the phone. “Edward, are you there?” I pulled the phone from my ear and looked to make sure that the call hadn’t been disconnected and I could see the seconds counting upward still. “Edward, please answer me. You’re making me really nervous over here.”

“You want me to come over to your house, with you, and no one else is going to be there but us. Is that right?” His voice sounded very rough and full of emotion, which shocked me.

“Yes, Edward. Just you and me. I thought we could watch the show and maybe order some pizza and”

“Bella, I would like nothing more than to spend tonight with you. What time would you like me to come over? Can I bring anything? Where do you live?”

“Breathe, E.” I paused for a minute after using that nickname of his. I hadn’t used it since before. It was such an intimate thing for me to do and told me a great deal about myself and where my true feelings were headed. “Edward, it’s only dinner and a movie. You don’t need to bring anything unless you want something special for dessert. I will text you my address. It’s not too hard to find. You can feel free to come over at any time. I don’t have anything else planned.”

“Great. I can stop and get some of your favorite ice cream, chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough to bring over.” My stomach decided to take that moment to growl so loudly that Edward heard it over the phone. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He laughed.

“Sounds wonderful.”

“Give me an hour or so and I will be there.”

“Cool, Edward. See you soon.” I hung up and with shaky fingers sent the text to Edward. I could feel a change coming. I just hoped that I was ready for what awaited me.


When I hung up the phone after talking to Bella, my face hurt from smiling so much. Almost immediately my text alert went off and I saw her address appear on my screen. I was nervous, excited, anxious. You name it and the feeling was coursing through my veins. She was changing the rules tonight. We weren’t going to be in public. This was going to be the first time that I was going to be alone with her. I was wondering if this was some kind of test on her part to see if I was going to revert to the old me when no one else was around. I didn’t think that Bella was that devious. She sounded genuinely happy to be spending time with me tonight.

I didn’t need to do much before I headed over to her place other than take a shower and then stop to buy ice cream. I had just headed towards the bathroom when my cell phone rang again. I figured it was Bella either retracting her invitation or calling to clarify something. “Hey, I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon,” I said. “Did you need something else before I come over there tonight?” When I heard masculine throat clearing, I held out the phone and saw that it was Jasper on the line.

“Hi, Jaz. What’s up buddy?” Suddenly I had a feeling that this wasn’t just a social call. Something was up and it was something big.

“Edward, Alice and I found out something today.”

“You better not be calling to tell me that you knocked up my sister. I may be a changed man, but if you’ve done that I’m gonna have to kick your ass.” I found myself starting to grind my teeth at that thought. It was hard enough that I knew they were together. I didn’t need to watch evidence of it develop before my eyes.

“No, E. This does involve a lot of us, but mostly you.” His pause sent chills down my spine. “It’s about you and Bella. Carlisle and Charlie lied to you, to all of us. The restraining orders...” before he even finished, I knew.

I started to feel physically ill as I listened to Jasper recall the conversation he had heard between my dad and Bella’s dad. For the first time in a long time, I felt true anger. The old Edward was struggling to get through, but I would find a way to keep him at bay. I would not destroy what I had built for myself. I would not lose Bella when I had just gotten her back. I chanted the Serenity Prayer over and over to calm myself.

Then, I remembered that I had promised her that I would never keep anything from her again. How was I supposed to tell her something that I knew would destroy her? How could I destroy the one thing that was most precious to me in this world. I just had to pray that together Bella and I would make our way through this unscathed.


I was nervous and excited about tonight. I was going to be alone with Edward. While I wasn’t sure how I felt about him and our relationship, I knew what I needed. I needed some sex and I wanted it from him. No matter what had happened to us in the past, he was a musician and my body was his instrument.

Every orgasm that I had experienced in the last few weeks with the help of my not so little bunny friend had me shouting out Edward’s name. The Rabbit wasn’t just enough anymore. I needed him inside of me, deep inside. Edward always knew how to make my toes curl and had the power to give me orgasms that had me seeing stars. Fuck. I was getting turned on just thinking about him.

I stared in my closet for what felt like forever. I didn’t want to wear some clubbing-type outfit that showed off my body since that is so not what you would wear to watch a movie at home with your friend. I wanted to be sexy, but I also wanted to be a little subtle about it. I finally decided on my comfy OU halter top that ties around the neck and my matching crimson capris that ride low on my waist.

I looked at the clock and it was about at least an hour until he would come over. I hoped soon after, that it would be me who would be cumming and cumming harder than I ever had before. I could feel the moisture begin to soak my panties. “Horny much, Bella?” I asked myself as I rolled my eyes. I had already showered once today, but I figured that I might as well again. I was as nervous as I had been when I knew I was about to lose my virginity. My damn palms were sweating. While I washed my hair with the shampoo that’s scent always drove Edward wild, I decided that I might as well shave my legs again. I wanted the ache between my legs quenched. I began to move my finger to my clit, then I stopped myself. I knew that while this might get me some temporary satisfaction, Edward... his hands, his body, his rock hard cock, would be the only things that could truly satisfy my needs. I knew that if I could wait for him, that I would be so much more fulfilled.

I brushed my teeth and gargled with mouthwash. I lathered my Victoria’s Secret Love Spell lotion from head to toe. I wrapped myself in my favorite huge, fluffy towel and went to get dressed. I put on the top without a bra and looked at the thong underwear that I had put out to wear. You only live once, I thought as I put them in back in my dresser and decided to go commando for this evening’s events.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I had a glow to my cheeks that hadn’t been there in a long time. I had been happy before Edward had come back into my life. I loved my Mom and Dad and adored my friends, but something had been missing. I smiled at the image that looked back at me from the mirror. I put on some eyeliner and a little bit of powder and decided to let my hair air dry since that would give it just a little bit of a wave that was reminiscent of my sex hair.

I had just gotten comfy on the couch and had the big screen tv turned on when there was a knock at the door. I grinned widely as I answered the door to Edward. The light shining behind him from the setting sun almost made him look other worldly, like an angel.

“Hi, come in, please.” Edward followed me inside and my gaze finally took in the paper bag from Braum’s in his hands. I started jumping up and down like a little kid. “You got it, didn’t you!”

“Hello, Bella.” He smiled my favorite smile and took the bag and held it out of my reach.

“Dammit, Edward. That’s just mean!” I moved my body close to him and I knew that I was invading his personal space. Hopefully he would take the hint of what I hoped would happen tonight.

“Patience is a virtue.” He smirked. Fucking smirked at me. “Where is the kitchen? I’d like to put dessert up so it won’t melt.” He folded the bag closed so I couldn’t see inside and made his way to the kitchen.

I tried to grab the freezer door after he put in the ice cream. God, I hoped it was that super chocolaty goodness. I could just see me using Edward as the serving dish for it too. Edward’s huge hands flew beside my head to freezer door. I was now pinned between him and the freezer. He was so fucking close to where I wanted and needed him. His warm breath washed over me making my aching core throb with anticipation. Was it a little hot in here or was it just me? I turned around in the small space and could feel the heat radiating off of his body to mine. I moved even closer to him and ran my fingers down his chest.

“Please, Edward?” He swallowed thickly and knocked my hand away.

“Good try, but not right now, B.” My heart began to race. He hadn’t used this special name for me in, well, I couldn’t remember the last time he said it. Maybe going commando wasn’t such a good idea. It almost felt like I had pissed my pants I was so wet already. He cleared his throat. “So, where is this pizza that you promised me?”

“I wasn’t sure what you would be in the mood for tonight, but have you tried Sandro’s Pizza? It is the best pizza that I have ever eaten.”

“No, I haven’t. Any suggestions?”

“I usually get their vegetarian pizza and have them add pineapple to it. It’s so sinfully delicious that it should be illegal.” Another thing that should be illegal is that panty dropping smile that he just used on me.

“Sounds fantastic,” he told me.

The evening was incredible. It was turning out to be so much more than I ever expected. It was so easy just to be with him. He truly had become one of the sweetest people that I had ever had the pleasure to meet.

As soon as Talihina Sky started on Showtime, Edward decided to mess with me. “So, what’s so special about this music group?”

“Edward, do you not see them with your own eyes? They are so hot, their sexiness is oozing from the television set.”

“Um, Bella, I hate to burst your bubble, but they are so not doing a damn thing for me.” A clip of the KOL’s family and where they have their reunion came up on the screen. “These guys are millionaires? Why the fuck does it look like they are living like they are in an episode of Little House on the Prairie? Wait, I am pretty sure that the housing on Little House is better than this.” He pointed to the wooden shacks on the screen and I laughed.

“Well, the accommodations are definitely not five star.” We both settled back and their music just spurred my mood on. I wanted Edward and I wanted him now. Maybe he just wasn’t getting the signals that I had been sending his way all night. It had been a long time since we were together that way. Maybe he just wanted to make sure that I knew what I wanted. I was going to spontaneously combust if he didn’t take me soon.

I tucked my legs under me and this allowed me to angle my upper body so it was closer to Edward. His arm was thrown over the back of the couch and was oh so close to my overheated skin where I craved his touch. I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take. The old Edward would have picked up on my signals and would have had my thighs wrapped around his waist and his dick thrusting inside of me by now.

It was time for me to be in control. I scooted closer to him and put my hand on his upper thigh. The Kings of Leon music playing in the background spurred me on. I began rubbing small circles on his leg with my eyes still on the tv. I noticed that Edward was getting flushed. His breathing was becoming more ragged. I smiled inwardly. I began to move my hand higher on his thigh towards the promised land.


She was killing me. Just sitting this close to her my senses were going all haywire. I could feel the sexual tension rising in the room. It was like our bodies were connected and a current was charging through each of us and into the other. This was not part of the deal. Every time that her leg accidentally brushed against mine, I had to hold back a moan. I could swear that she was giving me the look... like she was wanting to jump me.

Then suddenly her hand was on my thigh and my world stopped. What the fuck was she doing?!?! This wasn’t something that friends did. I couldn’t breathe and I could feel my cock beginning to stir. I always wanted Bella. I craved to be with her in every way possible.

On top of this desire, there was the news that I had to share with her. As much as I didn’t want to tell her that our fathers had conspired to keep us apart with the fake restraining orders, she had a right to know. I was not going to ever tell her a lie again.

I needed to stop her before things went further than I really wanted them to go right now. I wanted to do things right with her. If she wants a relationship, a real relationship with me, it was not going to be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am one. It was going to be how it should have been; full of respect, adoration, and love.

I finally decided that it was time for me to tell her what I had found out from Jasper. “Bella, I need to tell you something,” I told her at the exact same time that she said, “Edward, I need to tell you something.”

We both chuckled, but the laughter didn’t make it to our eyes. Before either of us could tell the other what we wanted to say, there was a knock at the door. It startled both of us because it was later than either of us thought it was after midnight.

Bella looked at me and I got up and held my hand out to her. She grasped it tightly and we walked to the door together. I looked out the window and saw a police cruiser in the driveway.

“It’s the police, Bella.”

“What could they be doing here?” I could see the fear in her eyes. The police didn’t just show up at someone’s door for no reason. She opened the doorknob with unsteady hands.

“Can I help you?” Bella asked, with a wavering voice.

“We are looking for Isabella Swan.”

“That’s me.” Bella moved closer to me and clutched my hand even tighter in hers.

The officer looked at me then back at her. Then he told us news that no one wants to hear, “There’s been an accident.”

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